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Meet Aircond Mask

Anti Microbial Air-Conditioner Filter

World's first Antimicrobial Air Conditioner Filter with Fusion Resonance Technology that is proven and lab tested to kill 99.99% SARS-COV-2 in 60 seconds.

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Level 3 Lab Tested and Proven effective

In Killing 99.99% Sars-cov-2

Make your Air conditioner as your air sanitiser

Protecting you and your love ones

Simple to use but yet highly effective

Suitable for all size Air conditioner

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Powered by Fusion Resonance Technology

Fusion Resonance Aircond Mask is subjected to Fusion Resonance Frequency (FRF) bombardment where atoms of the composition are in a state of energy excitation that vibrate at a range of Resonance Frequency ( within 1 - 2 cm).

Fusion Resonance Frequency produced from the surface coating eliminating 99.99% harmful airborne pathogens effectively.

Uniquely Different

Standards that sets us apart


Kills 99.99% SARS-COV-2

Lab tested and proven

Quick Elimination

Eliminate 99.99% virus in 60 secs


Unique Technology

World's first lab tested air filter

Constant Protection

Continuous clean & safe air



Natural material, non-toxic ingredient

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Superado Fusion Resonance consistently set highest standard on our product and services. Time to time, we continue to innovate in developing filtration solution with single objective that is for ‘Everybody enjoys Cleaner Air‘.

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Anytime, Anywhere

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