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How do Aircond Mask help in protecting you and your family from the covid virus?

Superado Fusion Resonance technology is imbued into our Aircond Mask which eliminates airborne allergens such as viruses, bacteria, odors and total organic compounds.

How regularly should i change my Aircond Mask?

For the greatest viability, we suggest you change Aircond Mask air filters ever 13 weeks for the best outcome.

Is Aircond Mask washable/reusable?

For maximum effectiveness, Aircond Mask antimicrobial air filters are not washable or reusable.

Do i have to worry about restricted airflow with Aircond Mask?

Aircond Mask air filters are designed and tested to last up to 13 weeks under a wide range of typical operating conditions. If you use the filter for longer than the recommended lifetime, it may begin to be less effective.

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