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Safer and cleaner air for our future generation with Aircond Mask

SJKC Yu Hua Kajang Head Master Wong See Lee, Award winner of Lee Ser Chong Education Administration Excellent Award year 2020/2021 ( first from right ) with Aircond Mask founder Mr. Gerald Gan posing for a picture.

30th March 2022 - A day of joy and honor for Aircond Mask as we were able to present Aircond Mask to SJKC Yu Hua and providing cleaner and safer air to our future generations. Mr. Wong the head master was kind enough to show us how a school should be managed with love, kindness and care. Through the journey of the school visit, we were really impressed especially the noise level of the school and the super well behaved students which greet anyone that crosses their path.

After the wonderful visit, we were invited to Mr. Wong's office where we present Aircond Mask -The World's first Antimicrobial Air Conditioner Filter with Fusion Resonance Technology that is proven and lab tested to kill 99.99% SARS-COV-2 in 60 seconds by Tidrec@UM which is a level 3 laboratory by University Malaya. Aircond Mask believe that in order to protect effectively, we must get our product lab tested & certified. So we did!

Lets watch out journey at SJKC Yu Hua Kajang. Enjoy!

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